About Fitbiz

Where Fitness Meets Business

FitBiz is all about finding that healthy balance when you’re trying to run your own business. Entrepreneurs are known for working crazy hours and mixing bad food habits with lots of boozy “work lunches”. There’s only so long your body can handle this sort of lifestyle.

However, we also appreciate that if you’re running your own business, you’re never going to be able to completely switch off from thinking about work. We’re just here to help you create a healthy work-life balance and ensure you’re the best version of you when you’re getting down to work.

We run corporate wellbeing classes for companies who appreciate the importance of wellness in the workplace. This can take place in the form of coaching, or even bootcamp-style classes.

We also run a retreat which provides a mixture of business coaching and fitness classes, aimed at small business owners who want to grow their business but also maintain a healthy lifestyle whilst doing so.

FitBiz is a sub-brand of BYOB | Be Your Own Boss, which focuses on helping entrepreneurs and small business owners achieve their business dreams.

The Founders

Catherine Wishart

Having experienced the pressure of working for an evolving hospitality business and being work focused 24/7, Catherine realised that health and wellbeing was something that needed to be a made a priority in her life. As well as this she wanted to have the freedom to create her own ideas and implement them in her work, on her own terms to serve those she wanted to help.

Having re trained as a personal trainer, Catherine has spent the last several years working on a positive and healthy mind set, daily habits, work/life balance, and self-confidence. Going through the challenges of starting a business, Catherine wanted to find a way to sustain both elements so that inevitable burnout phase didn’t happen over and over again. This is why she is now focusing on helping others to do the same, so that they can achieve their goals, not only for their health and fitness, but for their business and relationships as well.

Sabrina Chevannes

As the founder of the parent brand BYOB | Be Your Own Boss and director of award-winning creative agency London Creative Designs, Sabrina understands the pains of running her own business. Guilty of working until the early hours of the morning surviving on takeaways and lots of coffee, Sabrina realised just how unhealthy her lifestyle was as she started to run herself into the ground due to overworking and stress.

From the outside, it seems that if you’re a successful business owner, your life is all about the parties, travelling and fun. However, under the hood it’s a different picture completely.

As Sabrina started to take care of herself and value the importance of time out, she realised how much more productive she was at work and how the quality of work improved. Therefore, Sabrina felt it was necessary to share all the knowledge about the importance of wellbeing in business with the world under the FitBiz brand.